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The estate

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The Estate

Having our own plantations has given us an edge over other tea exporters by the way of fresh, pure tea that is produced under stringent quality standards in our own factories. It also gives us the opportunity to deal directly with buyers thus offering them the best prices.

Low Grown Plantations

Our five plantations situated in the Southern region of Ceylon produce the leafy grades which make a strong brew.

The exclusive character of the soil, which was originally covered by tropical rain forests, of these estates, gives strength and character to the cup. The selection they offer includes a range of well-twisted leafy varieties such as Orange Pekoes and Broken Orange Pekoes 1s which are the ideal teas to be brewed where the water is hard and containing many minerals. There are also the short Pekoes, which are perfect as a sweet drink for relaxation when you are tense and tired.

The range of small leaf varieties such as Broken Orange Pekoes and Broken Orange Pekoe Fannings, have strong liquors that give out its color in any form of water.

If you are a connoisseur who appreciates appearance then the special low-grown varieties which range from Flowery Broken Pekoes to Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe are for you. The small leaf varieties, on the other hand, are ideal for those of you who like a strong, sweet brew with or without milk.

Thus the leaves , plucked by our tea pluckers, on our tea gardens situated at almost sea level, well trained to use their dainty fingers to pick only the bud and the two tender leaves, produce our low-grown teas…. the most wanted in the world.

High Grown Plantations

There are four gaps that determine quality levels at Nuwara Eliya; on the North East leading into the Kothmale valley, on the South East to the province of Uva, on the west to the Dimbulla valley and on the East to Kandapola and Udupussellawa.

Depending on the altitude at which it is grown, the plantations situated in the Nuwara Eliya district manufacture tea, reputed for their exquisite flavours and aroma and categorized as High growns.

In addition to the other attractions the center of the country has to offer; a healing climate, beautiful scenery, wooded wilderness and flowery meadows, the land of these estates also yield champagne teas. The mist which rises from the ground like the steam from a cup of tea, is not only a beautiful sight but carry all the ingredients for the enhancement of the quality of our tea. The dehydrating monsoon winds produce a strange ingenuous character in the tender leaves which is unique to the region. The combination of the air which is always scented with the fragrance of the ‘Queen of the Night” that grows in abundance around the factories, and mentholated with cypress gives our high growns a unique character recognized by connoisseurs of tea around the world. This tea when brewed is light in color but has an exquisite flavor and aroma. Give it time to brew and drink it straight.

The Estate

Come join us in Sri Lanka and experience a wonderful Tea Vacation. Visit our tea plantations, and embrace the luxurious flavours that enrich our world-famous pure Ceylon Tea. While here, enjoy the hospitality of some of the most passionate members of the tea community and be part of the whole tea manufacturing process. Walk among the lush greenery of the tea valleys and help pluck the tender buds of our sacred tea bushes.

In addition, we welcome you to enjoy your stay at one of our colonial bungalows, which still emanates its stately glory. Relive the history of our estates established since the 1800’s.

The comfortable Colonial Tea Planters bungalows with British architecture will take you back to the days when British planters managed the plantations. The fire places and mantle pieces, the cozy rooms and fine service, will leave you pampered as you enjoy a marvelous holiday.